Three Types Of Mounting Faucets

Types of bathroom faucets
Depending on what sink basin you have, you should select a faucet that fits and accents the sink properly. If you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom or you feel it is time to upgrade your design, there are several options to choose from. Here are some of the three most popular types of faucets for the sink you are using in your bathroom.


A widespread type of faucet uses both a cold water and hot water handle and spout. Each piece is separate and matches nicely with a variety of sink models. To install this type of faucet you will need to drill the specific size faucet base that may range anywhere from 6 inches to 16, depending on the basin it is being attached to. Make sure that your sink already has pre-drilled holes. If it does not, make sure you get a template for the faucet. You may have to have them specially drilled in order to accommodate and match the existing size of the faucet. Another type is the center set faucet that is also referred to as a mini-widespread. It typically comes with pre-drilled 4-inch holes that fit into three-hole sink basins. This unit has a spout and separate valves on a one unit base. This is generally a single handle that uses both hot and cold or two separate handles that mount onto a 6-inch plate.

Single hole

The single hole is one of the most widely used for a bathroom sink basin. A single hole is drilled in the sink in order to connect the sink to the faucet. The single handled control option allows you to easily adjust hot and cold temperatures together for multi-uses and warm temperature control.


For a different look, the sink basin can be separate from the faucet. This type allows the water to flow out of the faucet and into the basin directly from the wall. Vessel sinks that are placed above the countertop benefit from wall mounted design faucets. Glass vessels or elegantly designed pieces that are created to show off their entire base match up nicely with a wall-mounted unit.

A common mistake on the wall mount and wide spread faucets, when replacing or upgrading, is to not take into consideration the pre-existing faucet’s mounting spread. Be sure to take your old faucet with you when you shop to compare the spreads.

Don’t forget to consider the handle type of your faucet as well as the finish. Motion activated options are available for many wall mounted types. Lever handles that allow you to easily grip and turn the faucet on and off are a classic design option and easy to use. Cross-handled faucets have also begun to gain popularity again.

When deciding which faucet to purchase, you need to consider what the style your countertop or vanity is as well as the decor of the room.

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