What is Color Temperature in Light Bulbs?

What is color temperature in light bulbs from Budget my Build
Have you ever been in a room and felt like the lighting was cold and institutional? The reason for this is the color temperature of the light bulbs, in large part. Whereas you could be in another room and find the room warm and inviting. Many people may wonder what exactly is color temperature in light bulbs? The answer is it is a …

How To Install Track Lighting

 How To Install Track LightingTrack lighting has gone in and out of fashion and is currently in use again in a very different way than those 1980s era track lights you may remember. Tracks are not clunky anymore and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Putting in tracks is easy and is a common DIY home renovation. Whether it is a new space, or a remodel or …

Guide To Installing Lighting Under Your Cabinets

Guide to installing lights under cabinetsThe kitchen is the heart of the home. While this area is popular for congregating, sometimes more light is needed. A popular place to put a little extra light is under the cabinets. Not only does light underneath the cabinets look amazing, but it helps the cook ensure they are getting the right ingredients. Regardless of whether it is for fashion or functionality, …

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