Planning For Bedroom Furniture And Space

Platform Storage Bed by Lift & StorWhen building or remodeling your home, bedrooms often are not considered as important as the more public areas. Anyone who has had to remove everything from the bedroom to remodel knows that the amount of items stored in there can be quite surprising.

Bedroom floor space is often taken up by closets, dressers, chest of drawers, night stands, and armoires, and still no one ever feels as though they have enough storage space. In Arizona, the cost of building can range anywhere from $150-$500 per square foot. The price may put extra floor or closet space out of reach for many.

A more affordable way to maximize home storage space and make a small room more functional can be to use furniture with built in storage. Night stands come with tops that lift up or drawers that pull out to create storage space. Storage beds provide drawer space within the bed frame and are available in many shapes and sizes. Storage Beds are available in twin beds all the way up to a king size beds.

Another way to create more floor space without the cost of building is to purchase a storage bed from Lift & Stor Beds. These beds are just what they say, the sleeping platform, and mattress lift to reveal hidden, dust free, storage underneath for your belongings. Lift and stor beds lift with little effort with the help of hydraulic shocks. These hidden storage spaces have myriad uses. They can be used to store your everyday clothing instead of a dresser, which takes up valuable floor space. They can be used in place of a closet, for storage of out of season clothing, and in place of a toy box for a child.

If you have a small apartment with no room for a bed or would like to create extra sleeping space for overnight guests, a wall bed may be the perfect choice. The bed is actually stored inside of a closet and can be pulled down when needed. In the morning it is just as easily put back into the closet, out of sight, leaving you a room that can be used for a completely different purpose. A wall bed can also be a convenient choice for the confined spaces of an RV or boat.

To make storage furniture even more affordable you can purchase it unassembled, in a do- it-yourself storage bed hardware kit. Storage furniture can also be purchased assembled, but unfinished, ready to apply whatever finish you choose.

Another money saving feature of a storage bed is the fact that the mattress sits on a platform, eliminating the need for a box spring. Storage furniture can eliminate the need for some other pieces of furniture, such as a dresser. Storage furniture can provide you with the sleek, uncluttered look you desire, even in a small space, and it can be done affordably.

Storage furniture is available in many colors and styles, from traditional to contemporary. The selection is not only functional, but beautiful as well.

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