3 Tips For Making The Perfect Storage Bed

Three Tips For Creating Storage BedsApartment or even townhouse living, sometimes means being creative and finding new and better ways to stash important items. Creating a living space that is clean and tidy can be made easier with some innovative storage techniques. By far one of the best and most convenient places to create additional storage is under the beds. This is a space that is not usually being used. With a little help, just about anyone can create storage beds. These storage areas can create a lot of usable space that is completely convenient and out of sight.

There are many different ways to create storage beds. Those who live in Arizona will want to purchase some storage bed hardware.

1. Decide What Items Need To Be Stored.

One tip to creating a storage bed is to think carefully through what items need to be stored in this space. The reason for starting with this is your plan must be designed to conceal those particular items. For instance, let’s say a person wants to store an ironing board in this space, then the door and the space underneath must accommodate that particular item.

Many people opt to create drawers in their storage beds. This can work well for additional sheets and blankets, clothing items, or even extra pillows. While drawers seem to be the most common form of under-bed storage, there are different ways these can be done as well. Shorter drawers can be created on both sides of the bed, if the bed is large enough. Some individuals prefer to make it look as if their storage area is made up of three drawers, but they create only one larger drawer. This allows them a little more flexibility when storing larger items.

2. Make A Plan.

Designing a storage bed can be challenging. The best way to devise a plan is to look online and around town. In most cities in Arizona, there are furniture stores. Drop by and take a look at a few different style bed frames. Doing so will best help individuals formulate a plan based on what they like and what they don’t. Beginning with a plan is the best way to end up with a storage bed that is practical and functional.

3. Use Top Of The Line Materials.

Create a list of materials that will be needed for this project. Keep in mind wood can be expensive, so careful measurements will help reduce waste on this project. It is important also to get the right hardware for the job. Storage bed hardware is available through most hardware retailers but will help to make a neater looking and cleaner finished product.

Creating storage that is stylish and functional is simple. Consider creating a storage area under every bed in your home. A storage bed is perhaps one of the most functional ways to neatly store your extras and keep them out of sight.

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