Creating Ambiance Outdoors Through Lighting

Creating Ambiance Outdoors Through LightingWhat takes a home from nice to wow? How do you get curb appeal for visitors whose first impression is the most important one? Whether you are looking to sell your house and want to create an awesome impression to potential buyers, or you simply want to jazz up your outdoor spaces, lighting can be an immediate, relatively inexpensive way to get the look you want.

We have all seen ordinary houses that blend in and we have seen other houses that stand out. Take a walk or a drive in your neighborhood at night. Notice those houses that stand out have more than basic “security lighting” but instead have ambiance lighting such as designer sconces, landscape highlight lighting, beautiful lanterns, well lit walkways and more. This kind of accent is less expensive than major renovations such as new siding or new walkways and yet adds a sleek sexiness to the appearance of your home that will amaze you for the money you spent.

Front of home lighting can be done through lanterns placed at the front of your driveway or walkway, or accent lights placed in your landscaping, such as in front of trees or bushes or in between existing landscaping. These well placed and well thought out lights will make a dramatic change to your curb appeal (while adding safety and security at the same time, as a sidenote) and will not make a dramatic change to your bank account! Having outdoor lighting around your home is definitely safer, and protects you as a homeowner against potential liability. Outdoor lighting is also a completely factually proven crime deterrent. Thieves and criminals in general enjoy committing crimes in secrecy and darkness provides the type of hidden atmosphere they love. A nicely lit home is a turn off for would be burglars.

In addition to the obvious security benefit, many homeowners enjoy having company after it is dark. Especially in the winter months, when it is dark at an early hour, why should you and your guests have to go inside? With a nice firepit and some ambient lighting, an outdoor party can be a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the evening. Low voltage lighting is shock-free, safe and easy to install. This can be done in your front yard, side of house and backyard, with varying lighting styles for different purposes in each area. Having your house numbers lit up is an important safety and convenience feature that will help firefighters in the event of emergency as well as police or guests new to your home.

If you take a tour around your home and yard now, you can make a list of every area that could be improved with lighting. This will give you an idea of the size of your project and the extent of lighting you want to do.

It is important when looking at your property to have the idea of the effect you are trying to achieve. Safety and security are both benefits that will happen regardless of the style and manner of lighting that you choose. The variables are in the area of the specific design that you pick and how the lights are placed. Other ideas are possibly colored lighting such as blues, greens, reds and ambers. Of course you can overdo it too so don’t get too carried away! But there are as many designs as there are ideas and creativity and why should there be a one size fits all approach to outdoor lighting for home owners? We would rather see your home lighting be as unique as you are as an individual. A reflection of your personal taste and style and creating warmth and inviting friends and family to stay and relax with you.

In addition to styles and colors, another idea to take into consideration are lighting techniques. You can employ downlighting where lights are mounted up higher and aimed downward to create a softer more romantic effect. You can use uplighting to spotlight something, usually done on in-ground fixtures. You can use cross-lighting to show detail and reveal features. This is done usually on arbors, in front of gates and so forth. There is also accent lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, spread lighting, grazing light and more. For each effect, different types of fixtures are used.

It is a lot to think about and a lot of fun to create your space to be completely individualized and enhanced!

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