How To Save Money On Restoring Your Phoenix Tile Floor vs. Replacing

Replacing a tile floor in full can get expensive. Whether we are talking about here in the Phoenix, Arizona area or anywhere else in the US, it does not matter. Replacing a tile floor (depending on the size of the floor) is a bigger job than repairing or cleaning or patching a few tiles.

Many times a ceramic tile floor will need some updating and repairing. This can be done easily. First of all, regularly sweep your ceramic tile floors. Not doing so will cause dirt and grime to grind in on the floor, scratch up the tiles and cause you to need to replace them.

 How Restoring Your PHX Ceramic Tile Floor Can Save You Money

You clean tile floor using a moist cloth with some mild regular detergent. You of course make sure and change the water as soon as it is dirty and keep scrubbing until all of the dirt is out.

Of course the other thing that is important is to clean the grout. Clean tiles with dirty grout will not look good. Grout is porous and will absorb grease and other stains. Cleaning it is best with a mixture of baking soda and water, scrubbed in with a stiff nylon brush. Repeat as necessary and then apply a silicone based sealer to prevent future stains on your grout.

Grout that is falling out or is in disrepair, or dirty needs to be repaired or cleaned. If you are looking to repaint your grout, that is an option too. There are colors better than your typical gray that hide dirt and will freshen up a room. You can put the grout paint on using a foam brush. First and foremost, fully clean your floor. Buy all of the supplies you will need. Fully research out how to do this. Consider whether you want a professional Phoenix tile restoration company or if this is something you want to do yourself.

Take note that if your tile is unglazed, grout paint is not recommended as it will just get absorbed and will permanently mess up your tiles, causing you to have to start from scratch.

Once beginning your project, protect yourself with safety goggles and plastic gloves. Tape the tile so you don’t stain it with paint. Work in small sections at a time, using long strokes in one direction to apply the paint. Once your first coat is completed, allow it to dry completely. Keep the room unused so no feet hit that grout! Then do a second coat and you should be done. In some cases, a third coat is needed. Make sure you clean up afterwards, which will be specified on the grout paint you used. Next seal the grout to protect it and prevent damage.

Sometimes by the time you purchase all of the supplies and tools, or rent things as needed, you end up cheaper using a tile restoration or tile cleaning service instead of doing it yourself. Factors such as time enter in. A job that will take a novice twelve hours and may cause you to miss work or other important things, will likely take a professional tile restoration service less than half of that time, all banged out in a day or a few days and with no fuss and no muss. Of course you are paying to get this done, but depending on the scope of the job, this is not generally a very expensive endeavor.

Another important note is if you are working with stone, you will use unsanded grout. In all other cases, you are going to be using sanded grout.

Removing old grout is not something to do on a whim, you will need the right tools and you will need to take care not to destroy your tiles in the process. Consider whether to do this yourself or hire a tile cleaning or tile restoration service in Phoenix Arizona to do this.

Note that if the tile itself is undamaged, or only a few are damaged, it is recommended to just clean and restore your tiles rather than waste money replacing things unnecessarily.

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