Gene Blackburn From Budget My Build Explains Batt Insulation During Framing

Video Transcript

Gene Blackburn, Budget My Build:

Generally, batt insulation can be utilized in a small situation. I mean it’s easier to install if you want to buy a little bit at Home Depot or some place like that to insulate, it does a good job. Usually, that’s going to be probably fiberglass or mineral wool. You can get fiberglass, or mineral wool, or cellulose in this blow-in condition here and that’s put in these types of cavities. Any of those could be utilized, it just depends.

You can look at the different aspects that are given to you by the insulation contractor and determine which one you want to use. All the characteristics are a little bit different. All of them will do the job. It’s just a matter of what you’re looking for. So you have to read the information, find out what you like the best.

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