5 Tips For Budgeting A Backyard Landscaping Design

5 Tips For Budgeting A Backyard Landscaping DesignCreating a backyard oasis is something most homeowners want to do. Whether you like to entertain friends regularly or not, you may want a place to relax and unwind outdoors. For colder climates this could be a place with a firepit and maybe even outdoor heaters and for warmer areas possibly a swimming pool.

Creating this backyard sanctuary does not have to break the bank and can be done stylishly, and uniquely.

There are many aspects to your outdoor space. Seating is one of them. Do you have an existing patio or deck? Is it in bad repair? Can it be refurbished (sanded, repainted) or does it have to be ripped up and redone. If if is being completely redone, this is automatically an expensive undertaking. You will not be able to do a deck or patio for less than around $5000. And that is a very budget starting point. So really consider if you can utilize the existing materials.

Within the area for barbecuing or relaxing, if you are looking for new furniture, consider buying at the end of the season. Right now is a great time to buy patio furniture, especially in colder climates like the Northeast. You can get closeout deals and save a bundle. Another thing you can look into is buying someone’s used furniture for a huge discount. You may want a dining table and chairs as well as a couple of chaise lounges or couches. You may save money buying from a few different people or buying a combination of old and new items.

If your shed is falling apart and old, this may be something you want to replace. Both for safety as well as image. You can consider making your own shed which is not very difficult or expensive or buying one pre-done at a home improvement store. In either case, it will not cost you more than $2000 and usually considerably less.

The other thing to consider is the type of landscaping you want in terms of plantings and trees.

It is usually best to work within your natural landscape with what naturally grows where you live. For example if you live in Arizona, get creative with beautiful desert plants like cactus, agaves and perennials. Trying to plant things that would grow better in a more tropical climate will only result in frustration and aggravation and are not worth it time or money wise.

You need to look at how rain falls in your yard, and where run off happens and how light falls throughout the day as well as in different seasons. Knowing all of this, you need a plan. You can sometimes get a free design from a landscaping company or a low cost one where they can come in and help you design the best space for you.

Things you will want to consider include how you like to spend your time. Are you a gardener? Will you want to be out in your yard, planting, weeding, watering and so on every weekend? If the answer to these questions is no, make sure the person doing a design for you knows this so things are planted according to this.

Your climate and what is planted are very important for things like where rain accumulates in your yard, the slope of your yard and whether it is graded in the right direction or not, as well as what trees you have for shade and more.

Consider what can be done yourself or with the help of a few family members or close friends that can be paid in beer and pizza. Consider what you want your yard to be and the budget you have and work back from there. You can get the yard you want for a fraction of the cost you thought by being crafty and planned out!

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