Safety Tips For Do-It-Yourself Projects

 Safety Guidelines For DIY Home Construction ProjectsFixing up your home can be a fun way to express your creative side, but do-it-yourself projects can often be tedious and time consuming, as well. Taking your time and taking measures to ensure your safety while working on the project can get you great results.

Safety is just as important as getting the finished product that you want. Here are some easy steps to protect yourself and your family from the hazards of do-it-yourself projects.

Protective Eye Wear

Whether you are laying down tile or tearing down a wall, wearing the right eye wear is the best way to protect your eyes from debris such as wood shavings or even bits of metal. Each year, over 50,000 people lose parts of their vision from eye related injuries. Most of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing appropriate eye gear. When you choose protective eye wear, make sure that it fits securely on your face, has a UV coating and is impact resistant.

Wear Ear Plugs

When you dive into a project, make sure you invest in some reliable ear plugs. You could be putting yourself at risk for hearing loss after 15 minutes of noise at a certain level of decibels. Look for ear plugs that block out noise over 85 decibels.

Safety Masks

Wearing a safety mask will prevent respiratory issues, such as asthma, that are triggered by dust particles. Most paper masks work just fine, but be sure your breathing isn’t fogging up your goggles. In that case, you will need a mask with ventilation that allows air to escape when you exhale.


You will be using your hands for almost all of your projects but when it comes to holding wood or other objects, allow clamps to assist with these potential hazards. It is too risky for accidents that can cause you to lose a limb or two when you can easily prevent it with the proper clamps.

The Right Extension Cords

Use the appropriate extension cords for each job without trying to chain them together. Linking them together is a fire hazard and can lead to serious injury. The cord length and gauge should match the tools instruction.

Know When To Rest

Sleep is very important. It can alter your way of thinking and make for a dangerous outcome of any project. Know when your tired and stop. Start up again when you feel well rested.

Emergency Contacts

If an accident were to happen, have an emergency contact nearby so you can reach them right away. Slips and falls happen often but you never know how bad the fall may be so have the number for poison control, a reliable neighbor and your doctor ready at all times.

Safety Gear

Some projects require application of toxic materials that emit toxic fumes. Always wear a dual-cartridge respirator to protect yourself from these harmful odors.

Just like you wouldn’t read in a dimly lit room, working in a dimly lit area can also be a hazard. Make sure you have a pair of safety glasses that have built in LED work lights for safe and efficient work.

Being safe is the first part of any project. Now, you can dive into your home improvement project with your best odds at success.

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