5 Tips For Budgeting A
Bedroom Remodel / Makeover

5 Tips for your Bedroom Remodel / Makeover Budget
Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be the place you can relax and unwind from your busy day. If your bedroom is outdated, cluttered and unattractive, a big time bedroom remodel could be in order.

Budgeting a remodel has been made easy by Budget my Build, with their online tools that allow you to estimate your remodeling project cost yourself.

The exact style of your bedroom will vary depending on your personal taste, the size of the room and what you are using it for. We all know we use our bedrooms to sleep – what I mean here is are you single? Is the bedroom a “man’s bachelor pad”, “a woman’s feminine retreat”, “a married couple’s romantic haven” or a teenager’s room? Does it have an en suite bathroom? Are you going for the hotel spa look or a cozy homey feel?

The first thing you may want to do is to choose a color scheme. A darker paint color on the ceiling if the ceilings are very high can add contrast and interesting elements in a room. If the walls are a darker color, a lighter ceiling might be better. For more assistance with the paint scheme, contact one of Budget my Build’s recommended contractors.

Create a plan with curtains, bedspreads and paint colors not in a 1960’s matchy-matchy sort of way but in a bolder more modern way where colors can be different and vibrant but still complement.

Another thing to consider in addition to paint colors are paint finishes depending on whether you want a matte finish, high gloss or semi gloss which can be found with the partnered suppliers of Budget my Build.

A very popular recent trend that has been featured on numerous DIY shows on TV from HGTV to TLC and more, are DIY headboards. These can be done using upholstery fabric and plywood and affixed to the wall in front of the bed to add a ton of dimension and texture to the room. There are more styles than ever including metal sheeting and more. You can check many different designs out on the web and can do one yourself for a small price instead of spending thousands on expensive custom furniture.

Beautiful colored sheet metal can be wrapped around cheap wall sconces for a very high end custom look without the high end custom bankroll. You don’t have to be Beyonce and Jay-Z to have that rap star bedroom look (whatever that look is, I don’t know). But what we do know is celebrities have style. Why? Because they can afford to, silly. They hire professional designers and architects and stylists who come in and plan all of the awesomeness and help them put it into reality. I am not specifically commenting on Beyonce and Jay-Z, that was just an example. I am talking about anyone with money. For someone with champagne tastes and beer pocketbooks, we do not hire decorators, we use good old fashioned (and free) google!

We look up how to do things, and set about doing them!

Inexpensive storage cubes purchased from stores like Ikea or Walmart or Target, can be bought and wall mounted to be used as nightstands. These will look really nice and make your room look instantly more high end without costing more than a few bucks. You can usually get these for around $50. For added wow factor, put in a mirror on the top of it if you like.

Maybe you’re a really crafty type and you can make your own curtains. Or you have a relative who can make them for you. This can make things look great and brings down the cost.

You can also consider doing the bed platform yourself, similar to how the headboard was done, and can do it in a complimenting style and color.

Iron on lettering onto decorative pillows can put a personal touch such as putting “his” and “hers” on the pillows. This is also a nice gift idea on a completely separate note!

Finally finish off the room with inexpensive wall art that adds depth and dimension to the space. The look will completely transform itself!

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