Electric Stoves VS Gas Stoves

Electric stoves and gas stoves are very different but cost around the same price. There are many things to factor when it comes down to make the choice of which one to buy. Some things to consider when trying to choose one are how much one cooks and how much money is an individual going to save over a period of time. Gas stoves tend to be a little higher than electric stoves but not by a big difference. The cheapest electric stoves averages around $600, whereas the cheapest gas stove will average around $800.

 Electric Stoves vs. Gas Stoves, Budget My Build

First, know whether your home is plumbed for gas. If you are not, and are considering buying a gas stove, you will need to find a professional who can get a gas line to your kitchen. This is something you’ll need to factor in to the cost of your stove. Gas stoves will either have a pilot light or an electronic ignition light. This is a very important thing to look at when considering buying a gas stove. The pilot light stays on at all times which will use more gas. An electronic ignition will only click on when the stove or oven is turned on. That way, gas is only being used during the time the oven or stove is operating. Gas is much easier to function and control, as well. It will always work, even during the hard winter months when the power may go out. Some of the stoves are only able to be turned on if there is electric. If the power goes out yearly due to bad weather, a gas stove with a dial to turn on the oven is highly recommended. This way, the oven will be able to be used no matter what.

Gas stoves are a great option because you can control their flame. Another great thing about gas stoves is that the burners will not stay hot for long after they are turned off. This helps ensure that food will not continue to cook if left sitting on the burner.

Electric stoves continually have electricity going to them so that they can be operated at any time. The more the burners are turned up, the more electricity that is going to be used to get the burner to the correct temperature. Some say that electric stoves are more energy efficient and that they don’t cost very much to run since they don’t require expensive fuels to operate. It is easy to see when the burners are hot, as they will turn a red color when they are in use and are hot in temperature. Also, they do not catch on fire as easily as a gas stove would. Many of the new electric stoves are flat tops, which makes them much easier to clean. After cooking is done and the surface has cooled completely, it can be can wiped off with cleaner. Homeowners with homes that are not already plumbed for gas are more likely to buy an electric stove making installation very easy. Simply plug the new appliance in.

Do your homework before setting out to shop for a new stove. Know what your limitations and preferences are. Determine how much cooking you are likely to do. Consider ease of cleaning and safety of application. Once you have armed yourself with this knowledge, buying a new stove should be much easier.

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