Scheduling Cabinet And Flooring Installations

Reality television has brought a new confidence to homeowners that they can turn their home into an elegant and custom space. Many tips and do it yourself aids exist, but there are many renovators or new builders wondering which should be installed first: the cabinetry or the flooring? Looking at a completed home, everything seems to fit so nicely, and scheduling the right order for products to be installed is the key to creating this look.

The easy way is not always the right way. Thinking about flooring and cabinetry, it may seem easier to install the floor and then the cabinets. This would mean that less cuts are needed to make the flooring fit around the cabinets. To a newbie in flooring installation, this is a plus. Measuring for flooring cuts is very important and can also be hard for new installers.

Flooring and Cabinet Installation SchedulingKeep in mind, a major element to consider in construction is the weather. Generally, homeowners plan for outdoor structures and the effects of weather, but this is just as important when building inside of the home. Elements such as heat and cold can change the composition of products used to beautify a home…such as flooring.

Often, sounds can be heard in a home as it breaks in. These sounds are the materials adjusting to the weather. For instance, heat makes materials expand while the cold makes materials contract. This is a healthy cycle for flooring and to restrict this can be harmful to the surface. Placing cabinets on top of flooring material could restrict the normal expanding and contracting cycle of the flooring. Cracks and separations can form because the floor is not allowed to breath or move. The weight of the cabinets will cause the floors underneath to remain stationary while the rest of the flooring will move. This is especially true to tile and wood floor types.

Renovation is generally a process that many homeowners will complete more than once. Patterns and styles get old or dated and homeowners will want to change these styles. This is another reason why wood or tiled floorings should be installed after the cabinets. Take this situation into consideration. A homeowner wants to change from wooden to ceramic tile in their kitchen, they have wooden floors under their current cabinets, and the width of the ceramic tile is not the same as the wood. They would have to take more time, materials, and money to level the floorings off. Plus they would have to ensure that the wood was cut so that it would not show from underneath the cabinets.

Thinking ahead can save a lot of headaches in the future. Planning ahead can decrease cosmetic imperfections that can form over time. It can also help to make it easier in the future to change the d├ęcor of a home.

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