A Few Tips For Getting Your Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Guide to perfect cabinets for your kitchenYou’ve found the perfect house, now the only area that needs updating is the kitchen. Find a seasoned professional who has been in the business and has earned a great reputation. With modern technology, contractors today have their own websites that are filled with loads of information for consumers to get a feel for what each has to offer.

A great way to get an idea of what could turn a drab and outdated kitchen into a state of the art, efficient and productive working kitchen is to meet with a licensed and certified contractor. Arranging a walk-thru to discuss the possibilities is a great way to get answers to the many questions one might have. For example, how long will it take to get the kitchen cabinets or what is the best type of materials to use?

Most consumers will want to visit the contractor’s office or, if the vendor has brochures and pictures, he can bring those along to the walk-thru. The professional can recommend products that have withstood the test of time and are a great value. They can be helpful with the many choices and details available to you. Some consumers love the lighter colored woods, which makes the kitchen appear much larger, while darker colors give off a richer feel. Custom cabinets can even be designed to look like ‘furniture’, which is very popular today. There are many different styles to enhance your décor and, depending on how intricate the design is, you can usually expect to receive your cabinets within a 12 week timeframe.

Customizing one’s kitchen cabinets can be a very exciting time. Special options like super large drawers with pull out features make access to your pots and pans very easy. No more reaching into your cabinet. What a huge relief that can be! This can also be an opportunity to get that much wanted wine storage system or that lazy susan spice rack. Many customers have said that with the newly remodeled kitchen, they now look forward to cooking and find themselves spending more time in the kitchen preparing wonderful new dishes for their family and friends. It has become the gathering place.

Quality cabinets are are solid and heavy. If this is a ‘do it yourself’ type of project, double checking and unpacking all the drawers to ensure that they are all the same size and working correctly before loading them up, is recommended. This way if there is an issue, it can be addressed quickly.

There are different kinds of parts and screws that will be supplied to you upon your order. Each will have different size screws that are meant to be used with specific sections of the drawers. Ensure that each and every one of these are used with their appropriate sections rather than substituting as the wrong size screw can have unfavorable outcome.

Seasoned experts will generally use a support system when installing these cabinets. This is to ensure heavier items are supported. Experienced contractors are used to the installation process, but in do-it-yourself projects, experts recommend using a cabinet jack to secure the cabinets in place. Many hardware shops can be very helpful and can give great advice if you should ever get stuck and are in need of some quick resolution.

One of the best ways to get rid of the old cabinets is to donate them to organizations that can re-sell them. Most will even come directly to your home or business to collect them free of charge. It is important to let your contractor know that you are planning to donate the old cabinets so he can take special care in the removal process.

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