Renovating Your Phoenix Landscaping?
Top Budgeting Tips When Planning Your Phoenix Landscape Design Project

How To Budget Your Phoenix AZ Landscaping Design ProjectA desert landscape usually invokes images of barren brown sand and spots of dying or dead grass, with sharp cacti thrown in for effect. As all native Arizonans know, landscaping here in the Southwestern desert is tricky and challenging and not for the weak of heart.

That does not mean it is impossible however. If you design your home or office landscape with the climate and terrain in mind, in keeping with the natural landscape, you can have a very beautiful end result.

If your yard is a brown, dirty, dusty and rocky mess, know that it does not have to be. Using the natural environment for inspiration, we can design beautiful PHX landscapes.

We know that homeowners in Phoenix can be discouraged with lack of water to make their outdoor spaces look attractive and inviting. How to get grass to grow and stay green? How to get plants to grow? These problems are solved with using native desert plants and well thought out features like pools or ponds or fire pits or grills built in and outdoor spaces can look amazing.

Think of so much of the country that cannot take advantage of outdoor living like we can for so many months of the year due to freezing temperatures and snow. Here in Phoenix we are very lucky to be able to enjoy nature and being outside all year long and choosing the right plants combined with nice borders and natural details like boulders and Southwestern colors that work in the dry landscape will make for a very nice end result.

Will Rogers once famously said:
“The trip across Arizona is just one oasis after another. You can just throw anything out and it will grow there, I like Arizona.”

For those of us who live in Phoenix and love and understand its natural landscape, you understand that we can work within that natural beauty to create a gorgeous outdoor environment. People not from our neck of the woods do not always understand and do not know how gorgeous desert landscaping can be. Using rocks and the right plants and trees, your outdoor space can be transformed within weeks. Whether you want to sell your home, start entertaining more or simply start enjoying your outdoor space more, the Phoenix landscapers at All Valley Landscaping can help you.

Some examples of how All Valley Landscaping will work with the natural environment to create your outdoor space including choosing the right trees like Eucalyptus trees that grow very easily without a lot of water as well as choosing desert plants such as the Indian Paintbrush, Desert Christmas Lily or the Prickly Poppy. When you call All Valley, we will come out to your property and assess your needs and come up with a full plan and estimate. We can do everything from small upgrades to a yard or a full top to bottom outdoor environment front and back. No job is too big or too small. We work to fill the individual needs of every customer. Call us today at 602-938-8100 and we will schedule your first appointment now!

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