Pool Supplies – Brand Name VS Generic

Once the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to make sure that your swimming pool is in great shape for the months of use ahead. To start, some serious pool cleaning may be in order.

Unless your pool is heated, you probably did not use it in the cooler months. If you have not been consistent in your pool maintenance, it may need to be shocked, have debris removed, and have the chemicals balanced.

Check that you have enough of the needed chemicals on hand. If not, it’s off to the pool supply store. If you are having any problem getting the pool water correctly balanced, you can take a water sample along with you to the store. There, they can analyze it and tell you how to get it balanced again.

Many people wonder if the name brand chemicals are better than the generic brands. That seems to be a subject of much debate. While many people swear by a particular brand, others will argue that the generic brand works just as well.

Generic Pool Cleaning Supplies Vs Brand Name

The best way to find out which generic brands you like is by trial and error. When you buy generic products, pay attention to how well they work, and notice if you have to use more than you normally would use of a name brand. If it takes more than the usual amount of a chemical, then you really did not save anything.

Sometimes, a generic product may not be of the same quality as a name brand. Your generic pool filter cartridge may quickly clog, or fall apart. Generic pool chemicals may be diluted and create the need for more pool cleaning. Generic types of chlorine may contain more fillers or may not be as stable as the name brand, and may dissipate much more quickly, requiring more pool maintenance. Over a long period of time, it may also cause more harm than good to the equipment and interior finish of your pool.

This is by no means meant to disparage generic products. Many generics are of comparable quality to the name brand. Again, trial and error is the best way to make your choice.

Your swimming pool is an investment, and you want to do everything possible to keep it looking beautiful and working well for years to come.

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