Home Remodeling: Many Parts Make The Whole

The idea behind remodeling any room in a home is to refresh and update what is there. The parts that are added or replaced should not only enhance the area, but fit in with your design aesthetic. A remodel does not necessarily mean tearing down walls. It can be as small as changing out some of the materials or fixtures to give an entirely different look. Let’s look at some of the parts in a bathroom remodel, for example.

Faucets. Having the wrong faucets in a bathroom can make it look dull, drab, and not well-thought-out, no matter how great the other bathroom fixtures are. There are many faucet designs and finishes to choose from to enhance and update your look. They add personality to the bathroom. Keep in mind, it is best to choose a finish and style that is consistent with the rest of the fixtures in the space. For example, if your shower is oil-rubbed bronze, your faucets should also be oil-rubbed bronze.

Sinks. Under-mount, drop-in, trough-style, and vessels sinks each have a very distinct look to them. Once you decide the look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom, it may make choosing the style of sink very clear.

Vanity. Changing sink styles may mean that you update your vanity. A vanity with granite or marble will work wonders for a bath remodel. Not only is it durable and beautiful, but it adds personality and style.

Lighting. Lighting is very important in a bath because it helps to accentuate the functionality of the space. Since good lighting is needed for dressing and grooming purposes, it should illuminate the entire space well.

Mirrors. No bathroom is complete without mirrors. When remodeling, it is important to secure the right amount of space for an appropriately sized mirror. Do you want a framed mirror above the sink? Does a wall-to-wall mirror above the entire vanity appeal to you? Does your design favor an antique mirror, or a frameless, sleek one?

Additionally, paint, towel bars, tubs, toilets, flooring, knobs, tile, etc. all can be seen as the many parts that compose the bath. Changing even one or two of these items can make it feel as if you have a new space altogether.

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